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Industries We Serve

Device programming is critical in this versatile market. IC chip capabilities are the brains that make electronics function regardless of their size or application. Read on to learn about the industries ProEx serves and how each one can benefit from our services.


The Basics of IC Device Programming

Integrated circuit (IC) chips are programmable memory chips. These circuits are made up of millions of capacitors and transistors. These microscopic parts store data, help process code, and perform other essential functions within an electronic device.

ProEx’s IC device programming services include flashing methods to update an IC chip's operating instructions. This ensures that the microcontroller part of the IC microchip can function, store, and send information to a device. The following are some of the industries we serve:

Consumer Electronics


As you may imagine, IC chips are extremely important in the consumer electronics industry. This market contains technologies such as

  • Smartphones
  • Laptops
  • Desktop computers
  • Tablets
  • Smart devices like Alexa
  • Video game systems
  • Battery-operated digital toys

Consumer applications are extremely diverse and perform a wide range of different functions.

Each of the devices are operated by a circuit board containing IC microcontrollers. These ICs can be placed into tape and reel packaging by a service provider like ProEx. This is critical because all components including the IC chip must be laid out with precision and accuracy.

Once the IC chip is inserted within the device, it will have the power to turn on and off. You'll be able to control and operate the system and switch between settings. IC chips also let the device store information such as documents and files within its memory so that you can access them later.

Industrial Services

Much like IC chips can power small machines in the computer electronics industry, they can also power larger machines in other sectors. This is especially beneficial in the market of industrial services. Manufacturing tools and devices are used to control production-related machines.

Some such machines may include

  • Industrial machines (cranes, bailors, etc)
  • Robots that transport cargo and inventory
  • The technology used to control fleets
  • Devices that scan inventory bar codes
  • Automatic machines used to assemble and package products

IC chips make these devices move in similar ways that they make smaller machines function.

Industrial and manufacturing companies often struggle with finding a way to get IC chips to consistently power all devices.

ProEx helps those who need industrial services with revision changes, device support, and repeatable job master setup. We also offer competitive pricing and secure provisioning so that you can get the best possible solutions for your needs.

Medical Applications


In medical applications, IC chips are extremely useful in reducing the money and time taken to move patients from hospital to ambulatory care given the demand for portable medical devices.

Some hospital machinery is also powered by IC chips. Monitors to track heart rates, IV controls, and computers storing medical information may also use these chips. Microchips are extremely versatile across this sector.



IC chips are used for multiple functions within the auto industry. Automotive ICs are customized in the same manner as all IC chips are, but they are often customized to operate specific parts of the vehicle. This is somewhat different from small consumer electronics that are usually powered by one IC chip.

However, semiconductor technology has been growing and changing in recent years. Newer vehicles assemble chips with multiple different applications installed onto them. This is ideal because it lets all parts of the car work in perfect unison to optimize performance.

Some functions of automotive ICs include:

  • Managing and operating safety systems
  • Powertrain control
  • Driver assistance
  • Communications within the vehicle (such as Bluetooth or GPS navigation)
  • Infotainment systems and radios

It's also important to note that government safety and emissions regulations for vehicles are changing constantly. As things shift, automotive IC demand is increasing to optimize performance. However, there has been a recent shortage in automotive ICs as a result of post-pandemic industry problems.

ProEx programs custom IC chips for automotive manufacturers. We can help you to combat this shortage with pre-programmed custom IC technologies. Since these microchips will be made specifically for your applications, you won't need to worry about shortages.


IC semiconductors are critical in the aviation industry. They power the flight computers that control every aspect of a plane's functionality.

Aerospace ICs' emphasis is on safety rather than cutting-edge tech solutions. This sets them apart from consumer products and machinery that require chips with state-of-the-art functionality. Instead, these IC chips are programmed with minimal information to keep them useful in multiple conditions and ensure longevity.

More About ProEx IC Chip Programming

ProEx can help you through every step of the way to complete your project the right way. We're excited to discuss your individual needs and applications so that you can remain competitive in your market. Request a quote to learn more about providing our services for your specific project.